Tuesday, March 1, 2011

watching the mailbox...

They all know by now - that mama is watching that old mailbox.
My son comes in with puffs of frigid air and slams the door shut, "Sorry mom!" he calls, setting the mail key back in it's spot.
Neil grins at me, "How many days since it shipped?"
"It was a week on Thursday..." i reply.
"Yeh, but we had a long weekend in there... it'll come this week for sure..."
& i feel a little silly - that my tiny brood is watching with me for the proof copy of that little bound book with 168 pages of my words typed in black ink to arrive. They're watching me do something a little crazy - just the tiniest bit like King David's passionate dance...


Alisdair said...

It's like that old saying, "A watched pot never boils!" We waited and waited for Alisdair's curriculum like that and it seemed like it would never arrive!

Congrats on the book... hope Postman Pat delivers the package SOON!

Saskatchewan Cousin

Jen said...

It better be there Thursday :)

Lori-Dawn said...

LOL, that is how I am when I'm expecting ANYTHING...ROFL I'm a snail mail freak...I even walk to the post office on days like today when it's -38 with the wind chill...lol glad the post office is just a block and a half away! You'll have to get a picture of the book on here when it comes!! So excited for you P!


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