Wednesday, March 9, 2011

four words

A list i'm on offered the following challenge - to choose four things you love/enjoy/admire about each member of your family. Here goes... this post took me WAY longer than the average post... try it.

Radar - just, obedient, intelligent, leader
Softie - loyal, humorous, dreamer, helpful
Sparkly eyed one - humble, servant, quirky, compassionate
Chewman - positive, gentle, tenacious, thorough
MisB - quick witted, understanding, friendly, curious
Sunshine - playful, confident, grateful, ardent
babE - determined communicator, attached, persistent, comradely
Bess - generous, honest, grounded, practical

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is always good. Thanks. I did it, too. Surprisingly it didn't take me long at all. It's great to be reminded of all the good in our familys. I could do this kind of "homework" everyday. It's good for the soul.



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