Tuesday, March 29, 2011

in the ladies changeroom...

i don't know what a men's change room is like... i imagine burly, hairy men flexing in the mirror, snapping their waistbands and punching each other on the shoulder in macho camaraderie.
i suppose i'll never know...
& out of loyalty to girlhood, the ladies' change room secrets will remain safe with me. Except for this tiny glimpse behind that door marked with the stick figure wearing a blue dress.
We went to the World Waterpark in Edmonton.
Neil & i? We divide & conquer. He took the 2 bigger boys - & i took the 4 girls & the baby. Not so fair, is it? But it's more fair than it used to be when i had to take the 3 girls & the baby... & he'd grin at me as i'd finally arrive grunting and sweating, all askew, "What took you so long?"
On this day, i see girls primping in the mirror before they walk out the door... checking make up, fluffing hair and rearranging the fabric of their bathing suits to it's most flattering position. i notice two girls in their early twenties standing in front of the mirror.
"Look, see? FOUR stretch marks!"
"Nah, i can't see anything unless i put my face right up close... you're good! What about me? i look like an albino next to you!"
i try to walk quickly past them before my eyes get drawn to the enormous mirrors covering the walls. i figure if i don't look - i won't turn to stone like those captured in Medusa's horrifying gaze. This way, i can imagine something better than the reality & walk out those doors with some drummed up confidence.
Suddenly my girls come bounding around the corner. A baby is plopped in my arms... chubby, clad in his little hawaiian print swim trunks. He grins at me and tries to untie the top of my bathing suit.
covered by his plump rolls.

His soft skin rubs against mine - and the sticky residue on his hands is transferred to my shoulders.
"Mama, can you tie my hair up, 'cause otherwise it's gonna be a rats nest... i can't wait to get out there!!" They're fairly vibrating with excitement.
As soon as their hair is up, they fly through the showers and bound out the doors looking for their daddy and brothers.
Life... is so much more fun when you're not focused on yourself. Not just in this silly instance when fun trumps vanity... But in nearly every instance - when pride tries to rob us of the opportunity to *be* and *give* and say, *thank-you*.
i turn on my heel, running to catch up with my girls... leaving those 20-somethings in front of the mirror. The baby giggles as we bounce and jiggle our way to our precious waiting posse, and flaps his perfect arms in the air.


paige said...

my apologies to anyone who tried to read this with no paragraph breaks - blogger kept taking them out? GAR... took me way too long to figure out how to put them back in & make them stay! :)

Lesley said...

I love this post. Mirrors should be outlawed!!!!

Lori-Dawn said...

I'm with Lesley...mirrors should DEFINITELY be outlawed!!! LOL
Although having said that, I'm looking at getting a very modest bathing suit from a Messianic website! We're talking capri's and a short dress style! haha at least it's a two piece and is easy for potty breaks! lol


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