Wednesday, January 5, 2011

life is a little less scary... that yum can climb up - and down - the stairs so carefully.
i was hiding upstairs when he found me. He had escaped his daddy's watchful eyes, and had come looking for me - because i am the one he loves best.
He looks so tiny as he climbs the last step to reach me and the little sound he makes is a different language than i speak, but without a doubt the message is, "pick me up."
i wanna play with my tiny dolly, so i plop him on my bed and crawl around peeping up at him from all sides, but his teary blue eyes just follow me around and he cries piteously till i give up on our peek-a-boo game and cuddle him in my arms again.
Satisfied, he plucks at my thumb and traces his scratchy little nails along the palm of my hand.
"i like you." i whisper.
His blue eyes echo my thoughts.


Jen said...

Can't believe his birthday is coming up so soon.
I think you need to post another pic of him...I still picture him as a 6 monther.

Lori-Dawn said...

awww. I think blogs should have "like" buttons!!


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