Saturday, January 15, 2011

the cold

neil asked me why i'm a little blue.
it's strange for me to be blue - it's not really in my nature - but i have been.
i told him i wondered if maybe it is the cold.
i'm used to the cold... but it wears on me sometimes. You know that cold where you take a deep breath to run outside & then find that when you exhale, your body refuses to inhale the icy air that it finds itself in. You feel the pinpricks of painful frostiness on any tiny piece of exposed flesh - and if you don't keep moving, the cold creeps in through your layers of clothes - cooling your body right down to a dull ache in your bones. Your eyes water and you feel like your lashes will fall right off.
Inside what should be the warmth of your house, you keep a sweater on to ward off the chill that relentlessly tries to creep in - you see the ice begin to build up on your windows & would swear that there is no insulation in your walls that are frigid to the touch.
Your vehicle still isn't warm by the time you get to the grocery store - and in the time it takes you to load up your groceries, your lettuce is frozen.
Melt - even just for a moment.
Fresh air - moistened with a warm breath of the spring that will come...
remind me....

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