Tuesday, January 25, 2011

being vulnerable

it's uncomfortable.
to say to my Father 'use me, use me' - and being ok when He doesn't...
Or to be put in a situation that makes the blush burn my cheeks - but to whisper, 'i wanna obey...' & speak truth to raw grief, to pray to Someone i know - awkwardly for someone i don't...
To wonder why He uses me in my weaknesses - and sometimes not in my strengths.
God is interesting - and i think He wants me to just. be. willing...
Willing to wait -
willing to speak -
willing to be silent -
willing to take action -
willing to say yes -
or no -
willing - & constantly... achingly... vulnerable.


Jen said...

I think you just kinda answered your question from yesterday.
As long as we are willing, He will do the rest and use us.
I haven't been so willing lately...

mamazee said...

it does kinda seem to be your calling from God. maybe because you are so beautiful under pressure and so gentle and kind because you know what it feels like to have your heart in your hand, pulsing and beating in the raw air...

love you p

Rosy J said...

We become defenseless because he is our defense...transparent so others can look through and see him.
Such trust Paige..is beautiful!


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