Saturday, January 1, 2011


Eleven things i like about being home...
1.) Our bed is king sized... which is good 'cause when 2 little princes climb in, we need the room.
2.) i'm just quiet - not obsessing about being antisocial.
3.) My ebony friend - who felt like making music when i got home.
4.) My littles have exhaled - & seem more themselves... 'cept peyts who ran immediately to her friend's house.
5.) i know where the spoons are.
6.) i can turn up or down the heat.
7.) i can blog... till Neil tells me to get off... like he's doing right now...
8.) i know where Ephraim can roam around without wrecking anything.
9.) i can hide.
10.) i can start planning our startin' up again routine.
11.) All of my very best friends... are at home here too.


Jen said...

Hope you had a good time :) It's always nice to be home isn't it?
I've missed your blogging.

Courtney said...



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