Monday, January 3, 2011

and to start again...

For at least a week, i'd have had a hard time telling you what day it was...
The holidays landed funny - we were travelling - and days and nights merged into one big sleepless mess.
And then to wake - on a Monday morning...
and to know - it's Monday morning...
Feels so right - and so wrong all at the same time.
Neil made our coffee strong this morning, and as i type this in a hurried stolen chunk of time at 9:46am, waiting for Charter to bring me his language arts - i'm reminded that there is hard work ahead.
As we prayed this morning - i wonder if my Father heard the tremor in my voice as i asked Him to help us to learn, find direction, and succeed in this second half of the year. i asked Him to help my children desire knowledge - because i know i don't have enough desire for all of us.
Tic toc - my 5 minutes are up - more tomorrow.

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