Tuesday, January 18, 2011

in the absence of unity

In the absence of unity -
*remember the things that unite you still.
*let love win.
*destroy the seeds of bitterness with an outpouring of gratitude.
*bear with one another.
*pray for unity - patiently - even if you never see it with earthly eyes.
*keep hope alive.
*remember humility - and never lose sight of the fact that we only see with earthly eyes - there is so much that we miss... the reality is, that no matter how sure we think ourselves... we could be wrong.
*let truth matter so. much. more than perceptions.

i think i am coming to believe that God allows for seasons of the absence of unity - to grow us. Could it be that our growth is worth the discomfort of hanging in a precarious balance between harmony and discord?
My list seems so small - and yet the arsenal of weapons to use against bitterness and hatred must be so large...
Father - expand my repertoire... let Love win in my life. Let me better understand that Truth has won already - that battle was never mine.
Conquer my heart - and let me be used to bring You glory.

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mamalena said...

a couple more...

Drop anger....just drop it...
Learn how to love NOW...

(reminds me of an animated short I saw one time...where one character says, "Can you do this?" and the other does it...and then the first guy keeps making his actions more and more contorted..and keeps asking each time, "Can you do this?"...ha...can you love now...blindfolded, standing on one foot and with your hands tied behind your back?...that's what I mean by "learn to love NOW."


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