Saturday, January 22, 2011

the earlier flight...

As soon as i hear of the possibility of an earlier flight - i cling to it with a death grip. Some trips more than others...
The early flights are outnumbered by their evil twin - the delayed or cancelled flight - but they are still common enough for the idea of them to sit idle at the back of my mind till the mention of him coming home an hour, an afternoon, a day early - makes my ears ring & i find i can't wipe that goofy grin off my face.
i don't know why i miss him so much... i'm pretty sure he doesn't miss me... that big tired man...
But he's mine - & miss him i do.
There's something about just being together - under one roof - that makes me feel like i'm complete again.


Jen said...

I bet he can't wait to come home to his goofy-grinned, rockin' hairstyled, hot little wife, either.
I was expecting a before & after haircut post. I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Lori-Dawn said...

I totally agree Paige...something is just "right" when we are all together...I miss my man like crazy just when he goes to But that's probably cause he doesn't work much in the winter and I get super spoiled by his constant presence...insert contented
Having said that, we gotta pay bills too, so I gotta toughen up and shove him out the door to find work! LOL


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