Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the current

The current -
Threatens to overwhelm.
mid thigh - in deep waters, i'm certain that
step -
will cause me to lose ground - or worse - to lose my footing completely and in my exhaustion i'll be swept away in the waters that wash now around my legs in angry foaming curls.
Oh God - spare me a life being swept in the current - give me what i need to stand - bare feet on a slippery rock bottom - hands upraised to balance, or plead for deliverance.
This current - is relentless. The water never stops coming - it's tireless and unmeasurable.
Maybe it's only a matter of time till i slip beneath it's cunning pressure. It's easy to forget in my panic - the price that was paid by the One who asks me to stand - in this precarious position...
so, till i slip - or am rescued -
till i'm washed away - or given a firm place to rest -
till the waters rise to cover me - or recede and die -
i'll stay midstream - standing against the current.


deborah said...

and how much more can the current be resisted
if standing with others in that same place


Lisa said...

Amen Deborah!

paige said...

:) love that deborah -
but isnt' it interesting too - there are those times & places - issues & events - where it seems to us (elijah) that we're all by ourselves...
Not even necessarily a 'sin' issue - but a time where we're asked to stay different than a social norm... i'll post an example tomorrow... it's gonna seem like it's out of left field, but whatever :)

Lori-Dawn said...

Can't wait for tomorrow's post Paige, I love what Deborah said!

Lisa said...

true paige... but even when we are doing something different we can stand together in truth. God's plan is different for each of us, so our struggles won't all be the same. But our love for our Father can be.

Of course that sounds pretty idealistic in this world... *sigh*
looking forward to tomorrows post, I think ;)


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