Friday, July 2, 2010

new tricks

ephraim has a new trick.
It goes with his new pearly whites...
i love this stage.
His brothers and sisters all gather 'round & stick out their tongues "pbblllttt!!"
& he grins his winning grin. Smiling at their goofiness. Revelling in their attention.
He opens his mouth, & then sucks on his lips. Trying to imitate their expressions & the intriguing noise they're all able to make.
His little face is the epitome of concentration, as he works his little mouth tirelessly.
Suddenly his little pink tongue protrudes from his slobbery mouth & he chomps down, "pblt!"
Cheers erupt - & a proud grin spreads across his dimpled face.
Every little milestone reminds me how much i love sharing them with our little crew.
Cheering brothers, squealing clapping sisters...
Oh, baby ephraim...
Could there ever be anything but success with that kind of entourage behind you?


Lori-Dawn said...

Awwwww, that is SO cute! Where the video??? Seriously you HAVE to video tape that!

Mae said...

Thats so cute!! I would love to see that!!

What wonderful adoring brothers and sisters he has!


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