Friday, July 9, 2010

the long shift

i got called into work a double last night.
i realized this morning after i had changed a bum, nursed a baby twice, taken a toddler pottie, gotten a load of laundry started, made the bed - & not yet had breakfast - that motherhood is a demanding job.
& it's not that i *just* realized that...
but i guess i felt a certain satisfaction.
i do a lot of hard things - sometimes on very little sleep. i'm strong. i'm capable. i have a heart that loves & babies that need me.
i like that my Creator made us able to work. May each little job be done to bring Him glory - & may my small sacrifices bring Him praise.


Mae said...

I like that post. ( but then I like all your posts! :)
Yes ,begin a mom is a demanding job! But its all so the very most fullfilling and satisfying job!!

mamalena said...

Best job in the world! Big...Huge...Cosmic.... and you are great at it...



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