Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i forgive you

"i'm mad at you." i stated into the darkness as 72 holes of golf hung between us on a little thread of grudge.
"i'm mad at you too." he replied cheekily, pulling me closer, "but i forgive you."
i burst out laughing.
i started to ask what he was mad at me for, but before i could even get the words out, a thousand little trespasses came to mind & i shut my mouth.
i managed a little, "thank you for forgiving me..." still giggling that this man i love can snap that thread in an instant - those 72 holes flying in all directions impossible to gather together into an accusation.
He thought he was being funny - saying he forgave me when in his eyes i hadn't even done anything wrong... but really - i got the best end of that deal. Forgiven, forgiveness, humour melting bitterness....
i'll take it.
& Bess? i forgive you too.


Melissa said...

Bess, huh? *hee hee*

Andrea said...

If it helps, there are 540 holes of golf on our string. I'm not even kidding.

paige said...

Ya, well that 72 is just the holes that accumulated on our family holiday... :) hehe. Snap that string, Andrea :)


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