Wednesday, July 21, 2010

He's got me...

i was lanolizing my wool diaper covers yesterday when i heard grunting... i had left Ephraim in his room on Gagey's bed & i told Gagey to sit with him... but i guess he got bored so he wanted to come see me in the next room. Not wanting to leave his little brother alone, he brought him. i turned around to see my sweet 2 year old heaving his 20lb baby brother into my room. They were both grunting with exertion. i dropped my fully wrung out soaker back into the water (whoops!) & ran & rescued Ephraim who looked at me like, "What's the big deal momma? Gagey had me..."
i get a kick out of Gagey's intense love for Ephraim - & Ephraim's good natured acceptance of it. If Ephraim is nursing & Gagey starts bangin' his head - i'll try to distract Gagey so he doesn't bother him, but Ephraim will just unlatch, lean his head back & give his brother a big milky grin.
i have a feeling i'm witnessing the birth of an especially unique & precious bond of brotherhood.
Both little boys knowing what it's like to be the little ones in a big litter,
both having 4 extra little mama's fawning over them,
both having an older brother who will seem to be a lifetime older than them for a long time - being 6 & 8 years their senior...
i lifted Ephraim onto my bed & laid him down. He looked around till his eyes locked on his big brother - then gurgled a grin as Gagey climbed up beside him & they were nose to nose.
He's gotcha, Ephraim - & i don't think he'll let you down.


Jen said...


It's fun to watch your little boys (& your brood) grow up.
I'm excited to witness the friendship between our little 2 as well.

Melissa said...

Oh my sweetness... that is just... sweet. :)

Mindy said...

Love it!

mamalena said...

He ain't heavy.....


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