Monday, July 19, 2010

littlest ones

It's DVBS here this week - (daily vacation bible school). My two oldest girls are volunteering & my 3 middlies are attending & that leaves me with my 2 littlest boys for all 5 mornings this week.
Funny - people seem to assume that will leave me with so much time on my hands... but not so much :) Those 5 little people got up & created a whirlwind - it took me a half hour to clean my kitchen when they left... & i'm not even gonna peek downstairs.
& then there was the tiny one left crying on the stairs, "Gagey need shoes!! Gagey need shoes!!" as his brother & sisters filed out the door apologetically.
i picked up his sobbing form & snuggled him for a bit before suggesting we go make muffins so the kids have something fun for breakfast tomorrow.
i noticed his hands are getting so thick & his honest square little fingers - so much more boy - & less baby. Ephraim's are still just tiny clutching starfish - but Gagey's are starting to look like Charter's whose are starting to look like daddy's.
He carefully pulled up his chair to the counter - pouring and measuring exactly as i told him to... & slowly - my batter came together.
So - i'm not at the stage where when i hear, "Bye mom!" & the door slams - my house is quiet. Almost 14 years of motherhood have flown by & i'm still at the stage where i can't leave for too long 'cause baby's nursing.
i feel almost giddy that i have been able to stretch out these years - overwhelmed with the Creator's generosity when i look at those chairs to be filled around our table.
i know that one day - even these littlest ones will run out that door - with a quick, 'love you' slung over their shoulder... & maybe since they're boys, i won't even get to fill my bleary eyed morning braiding hair :)
i'm raising them to run - independent of me - to bring Glory to the One who gave them life.
& on these slow mornings, adding molasses to the batter... my gratitude overflows.

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The Nieboer News said...

cute...i was just commenting on gage's hands this morning!


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