Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting & Giving

Ephraim gave me something the other day.
After a series of non significant events made my heart beat faster & i found myself over thinking the trivial things that didn't go my way... i felt overwhelmed & under strong & i'll admit it - insecure.
i walked into the room & there he was.
In all his baby splendour.
His eyes met mine & danced - daring me to pick him up... so i did.
i held him to me & he let his body lay on mine like a damp beach towel after a long day on the
& i just took.
i wrapped my arms a little tighter & breathed in that sweet, sticky smell in the folds of his chubby neck. i fingered his delicate ears & crowed, "thank you's" while he pushed his chubby feet into my stomach & grabbed heaping handfuls of my hair.
i felt so greedy in that moment - taking all this loveliness from my little one - but it was just too good to pass up....
That little boy left me filled, topped up, ready.
& imagine that magic that when i set him down - his loveliness wasn't depleted at all...


Lori-Dawn said...

Hugs...I love how our Heavenly Father gives us exactly what we need exactly when we need it!

Melissa said...

Paige, this is *so* me with Meaghan... giving me the biggest unsolicited cuddle when I least expect it... last night she just up and gave me the biggest sweet kiss, right after I'd had to do some intense discipline with Dustin, and I was spent... she topped me up.

God's grace is perfect.

Mindy said...

Such precious moments. I love the description you used the other day, of his hands being like starfish. So true...


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