Thursday, July 22, 2010

Seven kids?

"Seven kids?" he said in a surprised tone, "man, you guys don't mess around..."
"Actually - we do. That's how we ended up with 7 kids." i smile benignly & Neil rolls his eyes at me.


Anonymous said...

Oh Paige - I LOVE it!! I wish I was that quick-witted!

Melissa (signing in from Graeme's computer and can't log out of his google to go into my own or else he'll know I was using his computer - he doesn't mind, but is annoyed when I sign out of *his* google account - hee hee!)

Jen said...

Yer bad.

After we announced to Brian's family that we were pregnant for the 3rd time (within a fairly short amount of time) Brian's mom took Brian aside and told him he shouldn't rush me and just leave me alone for a little bit ;)
His response was "SHE wanted another one!!"

Lori-Dawn said...

ROFL....hilarious! what was the look on the dudes face who made the comment? hehe

Lisa said...

haha! Love it!


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