Tuesday, July 27, 2010

it seems...

That each day is a little sweeter than the one before...
We swim, we eat, we play, we laugh, we love...
& then we get up & do it again.
Today we went shopping - a silly little thing like browsing stores, getting out of the scorching heat for a few hours, spending our birthday money...
Sloanie bought a dress that makes her look all grown up...
Peyton bought the wildest shoes that suit her so perfectly for $7.
Cai had her eye on a couple tank tops & the "perfect" skirt.
Neil got flip flops & mama got a shirt at "forever 21" - who knew they let 34 year olds shop there?
Charter got a hat, Mollen leggings - even Ephraim & Gagey got a little umbrella stroller that they'll share on our meanderings when mama gets tired of slingin' it.
Afterwards we took everyone out for supper. The littles were so good. Ephraim gave big open mouthed grins to the little old lady sitting behind us. & a man had to call me over to his table when we were about to leave to tell me how he had never seen such a sweet group of children.
& at that moment... i had to agree.
Home to swim & then ice cream from Trader Joe's in bed.
Tomorrow, whassit gonna be?


Jen said...

Did you know that Forever 21 is starting a Maternity line?! It's what I heard anyways - haven't seen it yet.

I think I would like Peyton's shoes.

I love that you are having an awesome holiday! And thanks for taking the time to give us a few snippets :)

Hillary said...

Sounds like *perfect* day!! I love hearing what everyone got - and that you made it to Trader Joe's! Oh, and they BETTER let 34 yr olds shop at Forever 21 cuz that's where I go and I have no intention of stopping!


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