Monday, July 5, 2010

wake up calls...

BC is one hour earlier than Alberta. That makes Ephraim's wake up call come at the crrrrraaazzzy hour of 5am. The nights here have held a lot of wakings & the mornings find me desperately seeking a "snooze" button. Even underneath my droopy eyelids, i can sense his sweetness with his energetically pumping legs & his coos sounding like a little pigeon as he waits for me to open my eyes. When finally my eyes open a crack, his face breaks into the friendliest 'good morning' grin - & i try fruitlessly to nurse him back to sleep. He already nursed twice in the night & . i can't shush him too long - his big brother is sleeping only centimetres away with his tiny bum in the air - & i'd hate to wake him. Ephraim will only be satisfied with eye contact, having his bum changed & experiencing the scenery from my arms as i seek out a cuppa coffee. It appears he has a lot to say... & he wants an audience.
i like those little moments... slinging my fresh bottomed, happy baby onto my hip, going to find the rest of my posse & find out what the day is gonna bring.


Lori-Dawn said...

Beautiful life...sigh. Ain't it grand?!

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