Saturday, July 17, 2010

on turning 34

i embrace you 34.
i think it's gonna be a wicked fun year.
i realized some things about being in this stage of life:
i'm strong enough not to be intimidated by cruelty, malice and ignorance.
i'm weak enough to be sidelined by a small 'trip & fall'.
i'm smart enough to know that...
i'm dumb enough too.
i'm old enough -
to appreciate that i'm still young enough.
i'm brave enough to make tough choices...
& i'm wise enough to follow through when it matters most.
i'm soft enough to love completely, cry often & laugh daily.
i'm curious enough to be taught.
Not perfect.
Never arrived.
His workmanship - in progress.
& that's enough.


Jen said...

You do 34 well :) If only I could be 1/2 the woman you are at 34 I'd be happy.

How is your knee anyways?

Mindy said...

You've inspired me for my 34th birthday in September...

Lori-Dawn said...



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