Monday, May 2, 2011

Homeschooling in May

Homeschooling in May is pretty different than homeschooling in September (for me).
Homeschooling in September has this "brand new runners" feel to it. You pull them out of the box, release them from the crisp white paper, and put them on your feet. The bottoms are free of any scratches & they're pristine. The laces are bleached white & the sight of them makes you itch for a run...
Homeschooling in May is like those same runners... 8 months later... after running through spring sludge and wearing them day in... and day out, week after week.
There are holes forming in the sides & the rubber is starting to flap on the bottoms. The laces are a grey brown & the grips are fading away...
i always hate my May Homeschool runners... i'm trying to tie up loose ends - i'm finished some things, lagging behind in others. i check my distance against the clock & try to figure out how much ground we can cover before calling it a year.
But you know what? My dirty, broken runners are my reminder that...

i ran this year.

Their pitiful state is evidence of the ground we've covered. Those muddy laces show that through rainy patches, we kept on putting one foot in front of the other. The lack of grips came from pounding the pavement day after day.
So, May asks politely when we'll retire. May requests some new September shoes. May feels a little 'end of my rope-ish'...
But rest assured... i've started my shopping & planning lists already & i'm getting ready to sweep around our sweet homeschooling kitchen room & get all the straggling bits and unfinished pieces. i'm gonna clean house, let the littles run in the sun - and get ready for our next marathon year of teaching these little ones at home.


Rosy J said...

Yes indeed...I am so with you on this! In our house the runners are worn and muddy and the jeans are stained and have holes in the of the sleeves is torn off a shirt and the zipper is broken on the jacket! The pencils are all short and stubby,,erasers chewed off the ends..rulers broken..covers doodled on...But we're still breathing..and moving forward...and May brings a smile to the face and the heart...It's always through ...not around! Happy May..Paige!

Sara L said...

I so needed to hear this... It's been crazy busy with unexpected events, so we got very little done in April. Now, in May, we just wanna play! But yet... we need to power through, just a little longer and finish things up. Soon. But not today. Today we have our friends 7 littles, today is full of play and beautiful weather!


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