Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ballerwalley Ish

So - it has been far too long since i have posted a poetry challenge from Minerva. She gave me a stinging rebuke (i'm kidding) - & so i took *nine minutes* to write this poem... & i'm kind of in love with it.
The challenge was to write a "nonsense poem".
i had written her a note, giving the following reasons for not having done an entry yet - and a promise that i *did* follow through on:

minerva, i LOVEd the nonsense poetry callenge... i just find it hard because it feels like a LOT of poetry is nonsense to me - but really it's not supposed to be :) haha. i read an ee cummings poem with the littles today. "What if much of a which of a wind" - & i couldn't make head nor tails of it... & yet i loved it. i'm like a little baby that loves her mama's dangling jewels because the words are so pretty - but i have no ability to comprehend their value. Everytime i read something (a poem or books too) i feel like i need to go somewhere to get the "behind the scenes" story about it.
*sigh* k - i will go do your challenge right now - & i have NO time 'cause it's almost supper, but i will give you WHATEVER comes in my head in those tiny moments! Here goes.

And here, is the poem i came up with:

"Ballerwalley Ish!"
was the shout from the tomb
that went 'round 'oer the moon
that rang out far too soon.

"Ballerwalley Shong!"
echoed back the refrain
that was never the same
from the one none could tame.

"Ballerwalley Ish!"
Makes me sad, makes me long
makes me cry, sing sad song
like great bell's final gong.

"Ballerwalley Shong..."
whispers soul covered deep
and might lull one to sleep
when darkness does creep.


Jen said...

Ha - I googled 'Ballerwalley Ish' cuz I was so confused. 1 entry came up and it was this post!
I'm no good at poetry. Reading or writing it. Glad someone gets a kick out of poetry. It just makes me feel dumb... :S

paige said...

j - it is supposed to be a nonsense poem. Minerva said it best when she said it's fun to "pour out your heart in nonsense" - you should try it. You can use made up words, or tie ideas together in ways so that only you completely understand what they represent. It's like a coded journal or something.
My poem means something. *to me*. :)

Lori-Dawn said...

Jen...I hear ya...hee hee, I always feel like an idiot reading poetry..whether it's supposed to make sense or not! LOL

I'm also glad that some people are brave and do it anyways..cause I DID enjoy Ballerwalley Ish...ROFL

mamalena said... funny on the end of any word....haha. Here's a challenge - write a lymeric with the last word verification you had to decypher and my case...denoopic.


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