Tuesday, May 17, 2011

lemme out

This tender photo resonates with my oft imprisoned feeling soul.
It was taken a few weeks ago - when there was still snow on the ground... but now it is work and chores and driblets of schooling, and my own exhaustion at the end of it all that keep me entombed within these walls.
lemme out, spring -
summer, i'm comin' for you...
Neil has been taking me out for tiny snippets of runs. Since i fractured my knee cap last year, i have been struggling with pain if i run too far, too fast - but our little tastings are only enough to whet my appetite.
The sun on my head and the wind in my face feel so right.
& soon my little driblets of schooling will be swept clean - and me and my tiny chickies will run free...

photo of ephraim by uncle T

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