Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life Wins

Science books strewn on the front step of our house. Their owner has left them abandoned to follow a tiny pied piper - toddling boy in a white romper & a simple bib chasing barefooted his brother who whoops as he rides ahead on his tricycle.

Baby throws back his head and laughs in triumph.

He walks.

All those long tentative months of trailing fingers on furniture, crawling on sandpaper knees and grubby palms, pulling himself to stand on mama's pantleg.


He walks like a tiny stick man - side to side - hands raised as delicate rays of sunshine cut between each chubby finger.

Oh, science books. How can you compete?
Don't worry - you'll be picked up and studied when the time comes...
But for now, Life wins.

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Kari Jeanne said...

So adorable!! He looks even cuter now that he is walking!!

Alicia said...

Oh my...when did they get so big?! Very cute pics. I think Liv is not too far behind E on the walking, too...scary thought! :)

Lori-Dawn said...

oh I love it when they start to walk! So cute!

lovefam6 said...

So glad Life Wins!!! What a beautiful moment and description of it. Thanks for sharing!

fawne said...

hip...hip...hurray!!! i LOVE this stage. ever so cute! can't wait to see in real life. :-)

Anonymous said...



Angie said...

Yay! You win, too, for capturing the moment so vividly in word and picture.


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