Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It's our crystal wedding anniversary.
(Yeah... i had to look that up.)
Fifteen years i have called that man 'husband' - i have warmed frozen toes on his warm legs, i have reached up, up, up to cling to his prickly neck.
Fifteen years we have sanded down each others rough edges - bent for each other's weaknesses and forgiven petty grievances.
Gimme fifteen, fifty, a hundred more with him.
Call me his wife, his love, his girl - from here till then,
till death do us part.

hey - thanks for all the votes on circle of moms! i changed the button so that it's a direct link for those that asked!


fawne said...

happy 15th!!! wow. that's a lot of years! pretty soon you'll have been married for more years than you've lived apart.
i SO appreciate you example in marriage.
love to you.

Carol said...

Happy Anniversary! 15 years is quite a milestone - hope you have something special planned!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Good for you two. Many more to come!!


Alisdair said...

"Oh those crystal chandeliers light up the hallways..." sorry, I couldn't help myself!

Congrats on another year together with your hubby and your tribe of kiddos... Have a special day and a great year ahead.

Saskatchewan Cousin


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