Monday, May 30, 2011

you're the one...

My motherly oldest tries to snuggle a wiggly one year old who is entering that age-old one year old's fight with slumber...
i walk around the corner and he pushes her mightily away, reaching, reaching, reaching for mama.
"i can't wait..." she sighs, resigned, as she passes him over to me, "till *i* have babies, and you'll be holding them, and they'll want me, because i'll be the mama..."
& i know that those days will come all too soon.
& so i let him bury his downy head in my shoulder - gripping my neck with chubby, clutching arms. i hold him close and drink in another one of these moments that are just too good to pass up.
These are the days when i'm rich with the moments... when i get to be the mama.

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Lori-Dawn said...

I sooo love those moments! I loved that I had to take Shyla everywhere during her first year of life or all hell would break My boys were more independent...but I think too that it was because they didn't nurse for very long...oh for another little one!


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