Friday, May 6, 2011

My Drafts Box

i decided to clear out my drafts a little...
Do you ever do that?
Sometimes there was just a title, "Do you hafta Go?" (about a business trip maybe?) or, "I'm too Tired" and apparently i was, 'cause that's all there is to the post...
Then there were other posts that i reworded & reworked into new posts., and i left the skeletal remains to rot in an unpublished draft for eternity.
Then there were the ones i started, but couldn't finish - and can't delete, because there's something undefinable in them that still rings true to me.
& finally - there were the ones i finished & just didn't want to post - yet.
It's an interesting little passel - & i found a few little treasures in there.
It's kinda like life - figuring out your ideas - what you believe - what will work for you & what you just can't say out loud. Speaking out when you're passionate - hitting 'save as draft' when your ideas are sometimes half formed, or hopelessly flawed & you're just not ready to see it yet.
i hope God gives me the courage to work through my 'draft box' in life... to sift to find what He's teaching me - to have the courage to post *truth* - and the wisdom to delete the chaff.
Another review added this week: Sweetness in the Small Stuff

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