Sunday, May 15, 2011


We stop on the way home at a gas station. A reprieve in our journey home from my sister's birthday party...
i hardly notice the little ones leaping out of the van - i'm deep in thought, mired in exhaustion and peacefully vacant.
i'm helping tiny boys out of carseats, gathering rubbish and making sure doors get closed.
My head down, not watching where i'm going, i bump straight into him.
We're a foot apart in height, Neil & i - & as i raise my eyes to see why he stopped so suddenly right in my path - he kisses me.
On the lips.
And just as lightly, he bounds away with his long loping stride- through the sea of our children...
Later, driving again, i glance at him. The sun is shining through the window and glinting on the peeping greys that seem to multiply with every hair cut...
Ah love, is there any food more satisfying than a well timed kiss?


Lori-Dawn said...

sigh....I love your little romantic me a very contented feeling when I think about those kind of moments with my own husband! Cause really, when there are kids involved and mama's attention gets divided, those moments aren't as often or as long as they used to be! lol makes me cherish them all the more!

Alisdair said...

Once we were in Taco Time, I was standing in the line and John came up behind me and stood over me. Since I'm so short, my head fit right under his chin... too funny! Nice you could spend time with Steph... it'll be farther to visit when she moves... saw GP on the weather channel this morning when they were talking about Slave Lake and it seemed really far north!

Saskatchewan Cousin


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