Sunday, September 12, 2010


i'm trying to run again.
Just little bits - feeling my way along - trying to figure out how this body works again.
& it's funny - in this new step i rediscovered something that has happened many times over the course of healing...
While i'm running - & mentally checking my gait to be careful of my weak knee...
i'll notice my opposite hip begin to ache.
i have noticed different aches & pains - little minor grumblings of discomforts as the rest of my body tries to compensate for - & protect - it's weak member.
& today as i walked at a brisk pace...
& i noticed my hip begin to ache...
i thought about how there is nothing wrong with my hip.
It just needs to bend & act differently... & maybe even ache -
for the sake of another.
& it occurred to me - that maybe i should be prepared to do the same - for any broken member of The Body that i am a part of too.

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Lisa said...

If we could all just compensate a little tiny bit could you imagine the impact it could have on those hurting? It seems impossible though, and easier to not feel the hurt for others especially when we are dealing with our own hurt. You've given me something to think about :)

Take it easy running!


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