Thursday, September 30, 2010


i know i have posted in the past about chew-man's sleep.
Charter - maybe you will read this years, decades in the future & not even remember this...
But - it has been a part of your little persona since you were around 2.
The first few times, we thought, 'oh, maybe he has those 'night terrors' that a lot of our friends with sons have talked about...'
But they kept coming - these 'sleep disturbances'... thick & fast - till 9 out of 10 nights had some type of sleep disturbance.
We wondered at age 2 if it was caused by potty training,
at age 3, if it was related to childhood asthma,
at age 4 if it was caused by evening activities,
at age 5 if it was caused by a scary show on tv,
at age 6 a computer game,
at age 7 we tried scripture,
At age 8 we moved you downstairs because try as we might - we couldn't get you to sleep through the night (even though you always thought you did...) & we needed some sleep too.
You have crab-walked in your sleep, picked shadows out of the air & eaten them, walked & talked, thrashed around & fought, screamed & thumped walls... & those are just a few of the things we have seen...
Everything online suggested that you would 'outgrow' this... but as the years have worn on - your body doggedly holds it's pattern of waking around midnight, while your mind slumbers.
Finally - when you unbolted the back door & went outside...
i decided to take you to see a doctor.
She says yeah, it's not terribly common - but that she has seen this before.
We've got a couple more things to add to our 'to try' list...
& i'm hoping that one day soon...
You'll get the rest you need.


Melissa said...

Oh Paige - I was just thinking about Charter and his sleep the other day and actually was brought to pray for him... thank you for this update. I love it when God does that... not happy for the reason for it, though. Will continue to trust and pray...

Mindy said...

I hope you get some answers! I'm sure it's been a hard road.

Lori-Dawn said...

ohhh, the getting outside would have freaked me out huge! hugs! praying for some answers!


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