Tuesday, September 7, 2010

see you at supper time

While visiting baby eva yesterday (more on this tomorrow), my sister gave me my copy of a book that my aunties put together to honour the memory of their mom - my grandma - "grandma goose". Dad had bought us each a copy & it was neat to read the perspectives of so many on one little woman. On the drive home, i cracked the cover & laughed & cried over the familiar & the not so familiar stories written about or by her... One caught my attention as it reminded me of me... and my wry, humorous man.

"Apparently, Mom had coaxed for a baby & finally Dad agreed, on the condition she could catch a rabbit. On the way to town one afternoon Mom spied a rabbit, leaped off the moving buggy and made a valiant attempt to chase it down."

My grandma had 6 children - 7 if you count little Carol who only lived 5 days - & i'm sure she always did.
i'm glad my grandpa gave in... even though that rabbit got away...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad too -- or my Mother (the eldest child) wouldn't be here!!!

I haven't gotten a printed copy yet... but need to get one...

Saskatchewan Cousin

paige said...

denise - i'm still not done reading it yet - but they did such a great job!


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