Monday, September 27, 2010

birthday tomorrows

i don't think i wrote about Sloanie's birthday this year.
She turned 12 back in July - while we were in California. Her gam gave her money to go shopping & she bought herself a pretty little dress - but didn't have enough left over for the funky hat she wanted to go with, so i pitched in the last couple of bucks & she got it.
But even back then - she had already bought & stashed a little present for Cai's birthday. She has kept her secret hidden all these weeks and months - waiting for the day that will finally come -
& it strikes me that no birthday gift i could get my girls could compare to the gift their daddy & i gave them when we gave them each other.
Constant companions, fiercely loyal friends who have your back, & who will whisper and giggle with you in the dark - trading back tickles for glasses of water.
It's 9:14pm - & i'm waiting to hear her soft padding up the stairs after she finishes "chatting" with her sisters in their room downstairs...
The little boys are snoozing in their little blue room - Charter will be tossing & turning in his bunk, Mollen will be sprawled across their bed - dead to the world. My skinny 13 year old girl is gonna push Moll's dead weight limbs aside & climb into that bed... & be gone by the time the first puddles of light drip through our windows in the morning.
i need to say goodbye -
so i'm ready to say, 'hello' -


lovefam6 said...

Such a sweet post. I can't agree more that there's no gift that can compare to the gift of siblings. I could listen to my littles talk for days and days. The things that they draw out of one another that I wouldn't even have the first clue about how to get to. Love in one of it's most precious forms =)

Mindy said...



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