Wednesday, September 8, 2010

baby eva

i feel like i'm intruding into my most precious friend's space, talking about my sister's little one in a blog post.
i hope she'll forgive me.
Baby eva is exquisite.
She has a tiny little nose - dainty & delicate. Her hair is so downy soft & her eyes are topped by what Jessie calls her "walnut" - her sweet furrowed brow.
My sisters are about the best friends anyone could ever ask for.
& my sister Jess has been on my mind pretty constantly for the last month...
as her due dates came & went...
& she underwent the *perfect* induction -
& delivered a gorgeous little dark haired sprite.
Then this past week little Sadie, her 4 year old blondie, got results back from an mri that showed possible danger...
& in the days since, i have found that my sister - & her little brood - hardly leave my mind.
We won't know what those mysterious mri results mean for another week at least -
but i was thinking today about the timing of little eva's birth.
It seems so hard - recovering from childbirth & pulling out your fighting instincts - all at the same time. But it occurred to me today - that the softness of that little newborn, is a healing balm in a place that could abound with fear.
Baby eva - maybe you will read this one day - your auntie is so glad that you are here to make your mommy sit down - to flood her body with the 'good hormones' - to make her face dissolve with pleasure - as it most certainly does when she gazes at you - to remind her of the miraculous God we serve.
The timing of your coming is a blessing.
Father, may the fears be groundless and the gratitude bountiful.


Mindy said...

I agree, a baby can be *such* a balm in the midst of hard things.

I'll be praying. Please let us know when the news comes about Sadie.

Melissa said...

in the moments of overwhelm after Meaghan was born - fear gripping me at times - it would take one look into her sweet little face and I would know that *all is well*.

Eva's timing - GOD'S timing - is perfect.


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