Friday, September 3, 2010

bigs, littlies & middlies....

The bigs are bathing the littlies while the middlies are at the park.
The littlies cried after a long afternoon out. The middlies needed to run & the bigs wanted to rest. The bigs decided to have a "footbath" - but the littlies wanted in, so the bigs let them, while the middlies called their friends to meet at the park.
They all equally - yet individually - miss their daddy.
Two bigs, three middlies and two littlies - should all go to bed soon... The bigs will stay up and read, the middlies will say they're not tired & the littlies will need mama's milk. The bigs think the littlies are achingly cute... the middlies think the bigs are, (and i quote), "oldie poldie". The littlies think the middlies are bigs.
So, littlies, middlies - & you big ones too - mama loves each & every one of you.... & i hope you remember these days being as deliciously delectable as i do - as time marches mercilessly forward.

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L Harris said...

i finally have bigs, middles and littles!!!

two bigs are almost 8 and almost 9. two middles are 5 and 3.5. two littles are 2 almost 2 and brand spankin' new.


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