Sunday, September 26, 2010

i'm an interrupter.

i'm a horrible conversationalist.
i interrupt constantly, talk over people - loudly - & i use my hands a lot.
It's because i get excited when i get talking.
Sometimes - if i really agree with you - i'll interrupt you to shout, "YES, YES!!"
When Neil & i are visiting in bed at night, if he's facing away from me, i'll leap over his body so that i can talk into his face.
& in my heart - i sometimes realize that my exuberance could be perceived as... *rude* -
but my friends...
know that when i interrupt you, it's only 'cause if i don't - i won't remember what i was going to say & when there is a lull that i'm supposed to fill - i'll just stare at you blankly with my eyes glazed over - trying for the life of me to remember the english language well enough to come up with more than a grunt.
If i interrupt you - it means i think you're interesting, & i like you - i wanna do a mad dance of communication & exchange words at a quick pace - like an expert fencing match.
All the same - i'm trying to improve in this annoying little habit.
& i'll try my best to remember this post the next time one of my littles...
interrupts me.


Lisa said...

haha Paige! You're cute! I can totally relate!

L Harris said...

What a nice glimpse of you! I love getting to know my tidbits friends a little mire.

Lola said...

this is a habit of mine I've been trying for about two years to curb. I agree, it's the ones I like the most, I interrupt the most. It's sounds endearing in you but not so much when I'm doing it :)

paige said...

Ha! i must've made it sound sweet in myself. It's not... trust me.

mamalena said...

I don't say that much....but when I is always an interruption. There are no exceptions to that rule...and I must say it is for all the same reasons you have detailed. I guess we need a conversation moderator.... "No offence...but open palm to you and finger pointing to she who currently has the floor..."

Lori-Dawn said...

ROFL, oh Paige I LOVE this kind of communication! Isn't that why it gets noisy at your house when a bunch of us get together? It's not just the kids! hee hee


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