Friday, October 1, 2010

This week

kicked my bum.
Lemme preface this by saying: This start to the school year has been our *best* start in YEARS. My rough routine is working like a charm, the littles are ahead in every subject & i find myself actually looking forward to each school day - adding in the little joys that are just gravy on top of a nicely balanced workload.
But this week - i forgot *why* we try to get ahead. It's not to *be* ahead, necessarily - it's so that when weeks kick our bum... we have room to kick back. i know exactly how this week happened...
Little things have sort of been building up...
& then we have had injuries & disruptions...
School on Monday - despite our birthday girl,
Day off on Tuesday because of our medicated girl,
School on Wednesday - finding our footing again,
Day off on Thursday because of our mid morning doctor's appointment deep in the North West of the city...
& so last night, the littles asked, "Are we gonna school on Friday since we missed so much this week?"
& part of my panicky heart wanted to scream, "YES!! We're gonna hit those books HARD!"
But then, i realised that even on our 'off' days... schooling was happening.
Hadn't we all snuck out to the backyard to enjoy some unexpectedly sunshiny yellow, orange splendorous beauty - while i read aloud to them?
Cai got alone time to work on her violin,
Sloanie got into the thick of a new novel,
Peyton did a science experiment to create a cloud & showed the littlest ones,
& even though i know that learning happens - maybe even better - in unstructured weeks like this one...
i sometimes find it hard to accept that things didn't go as planned.
& so i took a deep breath & said, "Nope. No school on Friday. We're gonna take the day to regroup - catch up where we need to & snuggle babies."
& that's just what i'm gonna do.


Jen said...

Lovely. Enjoy the day and don't feel guilty about it either!

Mindy said...

I like this. :)

Vanessa said...

Would you be willing to share what your "rough routine" looks like? Yes, I know it's different for everyone, but for those of us still trying to find our footing, maybe it would be a boost? Please? :)

mamalena said...

Well that's the beauty isn't it? You can make hay when the sun shines and work according to how your week flows....and learning happens all the way not just when bums hit the chairs....haha

paige said...

ok, vanessa - since you asked... i typed it all out & it'll post tomorrow.

Lori-Dawn said...

you need to have a like button at the bottom of your blog


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