Monday, March 2, 2009

Will You Marry Me?

oh, aren't those beautiful words?
Neil's cousin & her husband were over this week & we asked, "So, how did he propose this year?"
They've been married for almost 7 years - so seems a funny question... but when he first proposed i guess he didn't do a very good job & she thought he was breaking up with her when he was really asking for her to be his wife. So, each year, on the anniversary of their engagement, he gets her ring polished & thinks of some new, creative way to propose again.
i love it.
i love the annual question - & the reply affirmed again and again.
There's that old joke about the man who never said i love you to his wife & when she bugged him about it, he said, 'i told you i loved you on the day we got married & if i change my mind, i'll let you know.'
i don't want to just trust that it's understood.
My little ones need to see that love thriving & winding & weaving it's strong roots around our family - helping it grow & making it strong.
*i* need to hear that he loves me & wants me - still - even now - when i do something annoying, or silly, or stupid.
He needs to hear my reply again too.
Yes. i will marry you. i will take you in the good, & the bad. i will visit with you in the tubby & drink my coffee with you by the fire. i will be your sounding board. i will have your back.
We will be a team.

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