Saturday, March 28, 2009

Same Planet, Different Universe

i've been at my inlaws this week. They're awesome. i love getting the chance to see them loving my little ones - & yet - it's so funny how they're not *mine*... How suddenly i'll say something & i'll realise that the words i spoke are so foreign that it's almost like another language. i know that it's the same for them...
Family is such a precious thing that i would never want to take for granted. It's a relationship that is worth all the effort that we pour in.
They have been so gracious with me - choosing to try to understand - when instead they could have fought to be understood.
Neil has taught me many valuable lessons, like pretending you didn't hear something that you could have fought over - but instead, choosing to sift. Makes me wonder about all those times he says to me, 'what? oh, i didn't hear you...' hehe...
My own sisters seem to often know what i'm about to say before i say it. i've needed them both at different times to help me put thoughts into words... they see the good in me when i'm sure that it's not there & they make allowances for me because they know where i'm weak.
i was talking with my mother in law about marriage - how it can be such a beautiful, beautiful thing - the give and the take - the support given and needed - the love and tenderness required to keep it alive.
Extended family almost has the same needs. Sometimes it's giving support without your opinion, love without expectations, or tenderness without frustration.
's what i'm thinking about on this quiet Saturday afternoon.

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Jen said...

You were in BC too? Fun!
Isn't it great when people 'get' what you are thinking or saying? I sometimes don't understand myself but it feels so good when people (especially my husband) are on the same page as me. I feel encouraged and loved.


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