Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday mornings - how we do it

Sundays have really changed over the past year. That change has come about mostly because i've been doing a lot of music at our church... On the days where i'm helping out with music, i need to be at the church at 8:30.
Sundays *feel* different at our house. i get up, shower - my sweet husband gets up, puts on some music and makes the coffee. Sundays feel mellow. Cai showers & i get Gagey all changed, fed & happy... Neil & i have our coffee by the fire & the rest of the little ones roam around in various stages of readiness.
As 8:20 rolls around, Neil drives me & Cai & Gagey to the church (so that we only have 1 vehicle there). Sloanie holds down the fort for the 5 minutes it takes him to drop us off - in nicer weather, we've walked... but man, it's been awhile.
My little wonder woman has usually packed snacks & a sippy cup for her little sweetheart & her & Gage seem to enjoy the musical morning getting ready for the service.
Our service starts at 11 - so Neil & co. arrive a few minutes before that so that he can snag Gagey & the other littles can get to Sunday School. After the music part, Neil & i sometimes take turns with little man. He's feeling frisky these days, so he's not the greatest for sitting in church - but there's a family room where he can roam - or like he did today, he can rule the foyer, makin' eyes at all the ladies.
The part that stuck out for me from the sermon today?
Well, it's funny - 'cause it was more of a side thought than the focus of his sermon (Jesus our Redeemer), but he said (talking about Ruth) that a good wife can be like a crown & a bad wife can be like a cancer... the girl next to me looked at me & we raised our eyebrows. 'i think i'm like a cancer,' she whispered... half joking... 'no', i said... 'we're just really, really heavy crowns'.
We visited a bit - & our conversation fed me & reminded me that church is the body of believers. (Thank you, C).
After the service ends - we round up the troops & slowly find our way out to the van & home to leftovers or some other such lazy lunch... (today it was ham buns & leftover lasagne).
It's not always about the sermon, the music, the ambiance... It's about fellowship, edification, correction, and sharpening. It's about Jesus - learning more about Him - worshipping corporately - & showing my children that even in this far less than perfect congregation, God will show up & help us to grow.
i've heard this sentiment from other Christians - & i've found it to be painfully true in my own life: i love Jesus, but Church is hard...
Churches have bad reputations that they have earned. A lot of churches have sacrificed Truth for numbers, Jesus for a fallen man, ministry for money. Neil & i have struggled over the years wondering 'what's it all for?'
But for now - we've found our little spot. We feel like we have something to offer and that we are being fed.
So, Sunday mornings - that's how we do it. :)

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