Monday, March 30, 2009

Creature Comforts

While at my inlaws, Gagey got a nasty stomach flu. When Neil took the bigger 4 skiing for a day, i stayed home with Molls & Gage. Mollen ended up having quite the morning. It's her birthday soon, so my mother-in-law took her shopping & bought her a few goodies. When they came home, i had decided to give Gagey a little bath just to freshen him up. My mil suggested that i put the 2 littles in her gorgeous soaker tub and so we ran them a little bubble bath.
Mollen hummed happily, "Toys please!"
My mil dumped a little basket of toys in the tub, & then asked me, "Would you like a drink or something?"
Molls replied without a pause, "Yes, latte please!"
With a smirk on her face, my mil went to get us some tea.
Mollen reclined back into the bubbles, closed her eyes, crossed her little legs & said, "This is the life."


Jen said...

hehehe!! what a goofy girl!
hope G is feeling better!

Melissa said...

Oh, I love it!! Such a girlie!

Yes, I hope Gagey is feeling better, too!


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