Friday, March 27, 2009

What am i made of?

i wonder that too often.
i know - it has been the subject of many of my blog entries.
My sister Stephanie & i were talking about it one day - how you don't... can't... really know - until the defining moment that makes clear the kind of a person that you have allowed yourself to become.
i feel like this life is my study hour - God has given me some incredible resources - besides the bible, my friends, my family... He's given me the Holy Spirit.
When i hear stories of martyrs - the persecuted church, stories of love so overwhelming and humbling... People making difficult - impossible - choices in the name of Love. i pray that should God have me walk through the furnace, that the Holy Spirit will give me what i lack so that the question isn't: what am i made of? But is instead: What can God make of me?
i get so wrapped up in my failings that i forget that they don't negate God's truth. The reality of God's love and sacrifice doesn't depend on me getting all the answers right.
i find myself longing to be in a place of complete surrender. Where my will becomes His will. Where my instincts are His. Where His Truth lives in me.
What can you make me, God?

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LSANFO said...

Amazing thought this morning. I enjoy reading your blog first thing in the morning. It helps me get my thoughts right for the day...focusing on who God wants me to be and how he wants me to use the day He has given me.


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