Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still no sleep

"Neil?" i whispered.
Neil was packing & i was nursing Gagey to sleep after a quick lunch on Sunday afternoon. The roads were horrible & Neil had to be in Edmonton by Sunday night, so he was leaving a little early.
"What?" he asked without looking up.
"Lookit his fat little tummy."
Everytime i grazed the side of his tummy with my fingernail Gage would giggle even though he was almost asleep.

Neil laughed at me - & then stopped what he was doing to stare at us.

"Isn't he worth not getting any sleep for?"
"Yes. He is worth not getting any sleep for."
Gage was done, but in denial that it was nap time. He squealed and stumbled across the bed to Neil.
Into those familiar arms.
He layed his downy head on his father's shoulder, knowing that even though he had valiantly won the battle, the war against his afternoon nap was going to be a sure loss.
Sweet boy.


Jen said...

they are soooo worth it...

Melissa said...

sooooo sweet... I love how you write, Paige.


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