Wednesday, March 11, 2009


You'd think with all the talk in the news lately about Obama's lifting of restrictions on human embryonic stem cell research, that my post might be on that topic...
Or Euthanasia - considering that was the subject of a poll in a major newspaper this week.
Ethics in fertility treatments...
Words that we've kind of gotten used to being bandied about in political debate.
i'm so tired.
i read this week on one of those debate forums (i tried to find a direct quote, but it looks like it's been deleted) that the only way that we are going to see a decline in abortion is if we make birth control accessible to all - and make sex education a priority in all public schools.
i just felt tired.
i wasn't even participating in the debate. i just happened to stop in because i think there's value in understanding other's opinions & the topic of abortion is something i am passionate about.
Is that where we're at then? i guess from where i stand, birth control is pretty standard - & sex education is starting younger and younger... & yet there has been no real decline in the number of abortions. i agree with them that there is only one solution.... but i disagree with them about what that solution is.
It feels silly to even type this...
What if we as a Nation...
As a Continent...
Experienced a change of heart.
What if - we could admit that what we've been doing is shameful and wrong...

To me, this is the only solution to the problem of abortion. Sounds simplistic... and unrealistic - doesn't it?
But, isn't that what it's *always* about? Our hearts?
What if children were no longer regarded as a plague. A dreaded disease that required the intervention of medical professionals to stop the spread.

(If you've been there -
There is love, compassion & forgiveness -
It's not about what we've done - it's about what He can do in us. )

A tangible way to start...
Here are my humble thoughts.
Start with acknowledging those little lives. There seems to be a silence around miscarriage and stillbirth. i think this is because we don't know how to reconcile the grief of loss with the acceptableness of abortion.
Allowing for grief opens the door for change. Our hearts can't help but be softened when met with the reality of loss.
The Walk to Remember is a tangible way to reach confused, hurting families - and to reinforce the truth that their little one matters. We should include the families of the little ones who have been lost to abortion.
Next, we need to change our perception of motherhood. Here is a quote from my sister Stephanie that she probably doesn't even remember making, but that resonated with me years ago:
Motherhood is my extremely hard, but inestimably valuable contribution to our world & to the kingdom of Heaven.
Motherhood is a lifetime commitment. My family - Neil & my littles - are my first priority. My loaves and fishes offered daily in my role as wife and mama will be multiplied for the Kingdom of God.
Finally - & most importantly -
Christians need to keep pointing to Jesus. He is the one who can change hearts and minds. No political debate, or personal tragedy will change the world - but a change of heart - from God, the source of all Truth -


The Nieboer News said...

Thanks for posting this Paige. Someone very close to me had an abortion when I was pregnant with Theo. I didn't know until this past summer. It's heart wrenching. She is having the most horrible time now in dealing with the guilt and pain but thankfully is turning to God for forgiveness and healing.

I just posted a video today on facebook about a speech that a 12 year old did on abortion. Have you seen it? This girl was a great speaker. As I was watching it, I thought of Cai...she would be equally as good at portraying something she was pationate about...and she gets it from her mama!

mamazee said...

thanks, paige...
you should send this to the National Post, though - it's too long for letters to the editor, but it's so good... i'd hate to see it get chopped up, but wouldn't it be wonderful if we could put this message out there somehow?

Lisa said...

That's so awesome Paige! I absolutely couldn't agree more. Thank you for posting this :)

Anonymous said...

I felt that people really didn't know what to say and acted like my miscarriage last year was no big deal. I don't know how many people told me "Oh, they are common. Lots of people have them." As if that meant it was okay that I had a miscarriage too and that my little, wanted baby didn't matter...
Life has definitely been devalued... Saskatchewan Cousin

jessica jespersen said...

The song playing while i read this was "Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord"...Keep up the prolife work, Paige... it is a calling, and a blessing to many. I once had a dream when i was "weary" of "hanging in there" and when i woke up these words were ringing in my ears.

"The weight of the world will easily be carried on hands of prayer that will not be put down."

May our Heavenly Father raise up an army of intercessors to take up your cause behind you and with you and before you. Hugs, and prayers. --j

mamalena said...

You are right Paige, that legislation can't make the neccessary difference. It's a heart thing...I think what you do though, of constantly reminding the people in your circle whether it is small or large, that children are people...that they are a gift, that killing them is murder...this is important and valuable. One function of salt is that of a tenderizer. You are being salty in this way...mama


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