Tuesday, March 3, 2009

treading gently - honesty

i can't count the number of times in my life that my mouth wanted to blab...
my heart made me pause...

& it's an even embarrassing larger number of times that i missed that gag order from my heart & barged ahead & never realized it till it was too late.

i don't want to be silent because fear holds me back - truth is worth so much more than my discomfort. & yet - there have been so many instances - more than usual lately, it seems - where i've held back - & i think (hope, pray)... it's been the right thing to do.

Getting access to another person's heart is a very precious thing. i don't take it for granted that someone would open up to me. i know how much it takes for me to be able to open up to others - & i count it the richest gift when others have let me in.

The last thing i want to do - is jump in like a bull in a china shop - upsetting the delicate balance & making myself at home.

So, God, i'm sitting - waiting... willing myself to tread gently.

Give me Your words to speak truth in a corrupt world.

Give me Your wisdom to cut to the heart of the matter & expose the truth that needs to be brought to light.

Give me Your Love - to wash it all in - to bathe any wounds that i would make - & to cover my ignorance & pride.

Give me discernment and the fruit of the Spirit - so that my own opinions become Yours.

Bring me correction & discipline constantly. Help me walk in your Truth.


jessica jespersen said...

...thinking of the jewelry lady and Steph. :( There's always so much we don't know in every situation isn't there? Good to have a heart that causes pause rather than gives us the green light. You have always trodden gently *and* honestly with me. --j

Treasured Grace said...

What timely words and wisdom that God has given you today. I have a situation with my 18 yo that is a "tread lightly" one and I needed to hear what you said.
Thanks so much for sharing,


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