Friday, March 6, 2009

The Compliment Game

It started when i had a few less children... i needed a way to teach my children to speak lovingly to each other. To see each others strengths & to hear words of encouragement from their siblings (& parents).
We would sit at the table & one person would start:
Cairo: Sloan, i like the way you shared your juice today.
(Now it would be Sloanie's turn)
Sloan: Thank you Cai. Peyton, it was nice when you didn't complain when the baby wrecked your picture...
You get the idea...
Anyway - it had been awhile since we played the Compliment Game, but we had written it on some of our strips of paper for Lent.
That morning dawned a little grumpy & compliments were hard to find in the dim light.
There were bed-heads, hoodies pulled up & maybe even a thumb in a mouth as i announced the Game.
"i can only think of bad things."
Finally, i went around & started us off... Speaking lovingly about each of my children - strengths that i've seen budding - acts of selflessness & grace. i thought maybe i had managed so soften them up as i opened up the floor.
Mollen went next, "i like going to Gammie & Gampie's house for CHRISTMAS!!"
Ok.. not quite what i was looking for...
Sloanie, "i'd like it if Charter was less of a whiner!"
K, now we're really missing the mark...
Peyton, "Gagey, thank you for wearing that blue shirt so we can match!!"
(*editor's note - Peyton is wearing a bright pink tank top*)
We all look at her...
"What?! i'm going to change!"
i give up.


Jen said...

awww! I love the cute conversations even tho they aren't following the rules! I like the game idea though - gotta write that one down!

jessica jespersen said...

Haa haa! Peyton rocks. When my kids are ornery with each other and someone has said something hurtful, they have to list off the things that are good in the person they have offended. Similar. Sometimes that backfires too though. (Nothing like a backhanded compliment!) Sometimes you have to wait for the air to clear and then try again eh? *hugs and smooches* I know it's funny to us on the outside but hard when you are living a day of dealing with the mini-grumps. I know you know this but let me remind you that your kids are fun and *good* and you are doing a terrific job!- smooches mamapaige--j

Courtney said...

Seriously.... that just made my night!

RosyJ said...

smiling over here in testosterone-ville..where competing for the airwaves and opinion supremacy rules this week!((groan))

Lisa said...

I love this post Paige! So real :) Thank you!


The Nieboer News said...

This is so fantastic! Love it!


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