Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i promised daddy

i promised daddy that i wouldn't let you sleep with me every night while he's gone anymore.
You were such a monkey when he came home on the weekend that i kinda had to...
i see you peeking out at me from my closet - in your little nest. Thinking you're pretty cool 'cause i told Ephraim he couldn't sleep with you 'cause he crawls around too much.
"It's only for *big* boys, Ephraim..." i told him... & you grinned proudly.
So, go to sleep little one...
& i'll try to not make such silly promises in the future, k?


Carol said...

How did he sleep in his cozy,little pallet on the floor?

paige said...

Carol - *all night long*!! & E did too. *grateful*


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