Thursday, October 21, 2010

a fluffy post

Recently, we had guests - & unfortunately one of our guests coughed while sitting on the couch visiting.
i say unfortunately, because the force of the cough forced air from both ends.
Sloanie, standing directly in front of us immediately collapsed to the floor in laughter. i think she tried for a second to stop herself... but she didn't succeed.
Not even close.
The sight of her losing her composure so completely - caused the rest of us to lose ours as well... so - word to the wise, unless you have thick skin - don't pass gas in our house.
Um... or out of it for that matter...
Neil's been away lately - & the 8 of us were in the backyard when suddenly there was a distinctive repulsive aroma. i was holding Ephraim & i stood up & said, "wheuf, buddy, do we need to change your bum?"
Charter, grinning across from me snorted, "Oh, good - i thought that smell was me."
Turns out, i didn't need to change the baby.
& then there's Gagey...
"Caiwo, that weird... i go, 'FFFfffffffft'."
"Was it a fart, little man?"
"No, it just go, "FFfffffffffft."
Yeah. Cute. Only if you're 2 though.
How's the air at your house?


farm_girl_4_jesus said...

Trust me...our air's pretty fluffy too.

mamalena said...

Some people will do anything for a laugh....haha...

Marcia said...

Too funny! Could have been a conversation in my house! The big funnies around here are always farts, butts and burps. I don't know why but I think it goes beyond genetics to the fact that passing gas is just really funny no matter how you cut the cheese! LOL! The problem in our house is that one of the parents grew up in a very proper home where gas was never passed (in public or with family)and the other (me) laughs about farting or other bodily functions STILL when we get together. It's rather childish, but we have cried (b/c we were laughing so hard)over the subject on numerous occasions.

Alicia said...

What a great laugh to have here at work this afternoon!!


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