Thursday, October 7, 2010


sugar, sweetie pie, honey bear...
i'm forever noticing nicknames... especially between husbands & wives.
Neil & i?
Nothing ever really stuck... was *ours* - y'know what i mean?
When we were first married, he'd mock every sentimental nickname he heard of. He'd try it on me the minute we were out of ear shot - & then laugh at the ridiculousness of it & make me wear it for a solid week.
The more peculiar the better.
Dolly names, plays on real names, animal names... those were his favourites.
Finally, one night, in new(ish) wife fashion, i put my foot down.
"Pick one."
"What? Right now? Won't a nickname just happen? How'm i supposed to pick something out of thin air?"
i told him i was sick of being adorned with the silly nicknames some lovesick men picked out for their wives. It was time for my lovesick man to pick me out my own name. i put a time limit on it & tapped my foot while he pretended to think & a thick smile covered his face.
"Cow elk."
"c'mere, my little cow elk."
"Noooooo! That's not a nickname!!"
"It sure is. It's YOUR nickname. & i can't take it back now, i picked it..."
& he chased me around endearingly calling me by my new name.
So yeah... these days, it's mostly 'paige' around here... with the odd 'honey' thrown in... & the rare odd throwback to the ol' stand by,
"cow elk"...


Jen said...

HA! That's awesome!
I like our nick names....although I have yet to call you 'P' in real life....

Melissa said...

We have this friend named Tim - pretty large guy. Graeme has *always* wanted to call him T-bone.

But he didn't. He kept holding off, waiting until they were just a bit farther in their friendship...

...and then one day, Tim signed off an e-mail with, you guessed it, "T-bone".

Graeme really missed the boat on that one.

Cow elk, hey? Oh, the love.

Lori-Dawn said...

ROFL, that's hilarious Paige!! Men suck at being put on the spot...and I think Jamie would have responded the same way...thinking of the most retarded name EVER!!! haha
Thanks for sharing that, very cute!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, Paige! You got what you asked for with that one! LOL
I have to admit I am more like Neil with the nickname thing. I find it funny to tease with crazy-weird nicknames.

Made me smile today,


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