Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the young mom

That was me...
Once upon a time.
When our first was born, people congratulated us on the possibility of being empty nesters before our 40th birthdays hit.
We went from teens to parenthood in an instant - & i found myself among women who i thought were much more mature, capable, knowledgeable... older... than i was in this motherhood journey.

i was energetic, healthy and ready for motherhood... i lacked experience and selflessness, but i was willing to learn. Years have passed - i've got some experience now - still workin' on the selflessness bit... but these days, i find myself vacillating between being the young mom of my teen & tweens - & the old mom of my precious babes... nevermind the rather average mom of my 'in betweeners'.

i get to juggle decisions about highschool credits - with potty training; a child who wants to start driving - with one who is starting to take wobbly steps around furniture. The range of motherhood, that used to be more common in years gone by - has dwindled to just a few short years - & you're a little less likely to see families who keep saying 'yes' - to the possibility of *life*.
So, i get glimpses of that young mom that i once was, but for the most part - as i sling my little nursling, or visit with the mothers of other toddlers... i find that i am not the young mom anymore.
i'm the old mom - still having babies.
Most of my friends snuck in & both started & stopped having children during these past 14 years...
& nobody says anything about our empty nesting anytime soon anymore.
& so i'll be the young mom, the old mom, the average mom...
i'll mother my teens down to my babies...
Some of my philosophies have changed, mellowed, sharpened - over these years.
Some good starts were overcome in overwhelming tides -
Some bad habits have been picked up & keep clinging on -
But when i look at this incredible opportunity i've been given - to mother across the decades...
i can't help but breathe my gratitude to the Creator - who has been so very, very generous with me.


amy said...

oh how i know this to be true. i second it. thanks for your words.

Anonymous said...

I have always been the "old" Mum - even when I was just starting out and not sure how to go on. It's hard to relate when the rest of the Kindergarten Mums are 20 somethings and I am almost 50! But I am glad that I got the opportunity to be a mother when the biological clock was ticking out of time... I do wonder though, if I'd started younger what my family would look like today... maybe a few more? Will never know, I guess!

Saskatchewan Cousin


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